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MPBSE Supp. Exam Dates 2024: June 10th (Class 10) & June 12th (Class 12)

MPBSE Supplementary Exam Dates 2024: Providing Second Chances for Academic Success

Amidst the announcement of Class 10th and 12th results by the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE), the focus now shifts towards extending a lifeline to those who seek another shot at success. With the declaration of pass percentages and commendable achievements, MPBSE unveils crucial information about the supplementary examinations.

For those students who couldn't achieve their desired outcomes in the initial attempt, MPBSE offers a second chance through supplementary exams. These exams, scheduled to commence on June 8, 2024, for Class 12th and June 10, 2024, for Class 10th, serve as a pathway to redemption and academic progress.

In the Class 12th examinations, where 64.49% of regular candidates and 22.46% of self-study candidates secured success, MPBSE recognizes the diverse accomplishments across various disciplines. Similarly, in the Class 10th exams, where 58.10% of regular candidates and 13.26% of self-study candidates cleared the hurdle, the board acknowledges the perseverance and dedication exhibited by students.

The supplementary exams not only offer a chance for students to improve their scores but also symbolize resilience and determination in the face of challenges. Alongside the exam dates, MPBSE emphasizes the provision for requesting answer sheet photocopies and initiating the re-evaluation process, ensuring transparency and fairness in the assessment procedures.

As MPBSE extends its gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the smooth conduct of the examinations, it reaffirms its commitment to providing equitable opportunities for every student to realize their academic potential. With the supplementary exams on the horizon, the journey towards academic excellence continues, guided by the principles of perseverance, resilience, and unwavering support from the educational ecosystem.

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